General objective

The development of an existing service within the framework of the DGASPC Brăila, child intended for the abused, neglected, exploited, smuggled through the diversification of services offered to victims of domestic violence (the deployment of specific activities for the prevention, Councilman, the possibility of hosting victims in locations specifically intended – an apartment with four rooms and an apartment with two rooms that are owned by DGASPC Brăila). The service developed is aimed at children and their families in the county of Brăila, for which there are recorded forms of domestic violence, taking into account the fact that the phenomenon of domestic violence is present in the most various models of socio-cultural sites. Experience leads us to an estimate of at least 200 cases of domestic violence regarding children, annually.

Specific objectives

  • The setting up of two apartments for accommodating the victims of domestic violence;
  • Preventing the occurrence of domestic violence through information-education-communication campaigns, round tables activities, conferences;
  • Strengthening of preventive actions and intervention in situations of domestic violence at county level;
  • Strengthening the interinstitutional cooperation in order to identify and investigatate the cases of domestic violence;


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