• 2 apartments under the jurisdiction of DGASPC Brăila have been sanitized and renovated and they now operate as two counseling and hosting centers for the victims of domestic violence.
  • They have been equipped with electrical apparatus and home appliances, and they have been furnished with furniture made in pastel colors and adapted to the space and needs of the beneficiaries.
  • The windows have been fitted with blinds matching the same colors as the furniture, while the kitchens have been equipped with tableware and household items.
  • 8 instructors of education have been employed up until now and they will ensure sheltering the victims of domestic violence.
  • From May 2015 to April 2016 there were 90 persons, victims of domestic violence recorded. Specialized services (psychological, social and legal counseling, information) were provided in accordance to the identified needs.
  • From 01.09.2015 to April 2016 45 persons (13 women and 32 children) have benefited from hosting services, granted in the 2 centers that were set up, for which have not been identified alternative solutions in order to maintain them in their families or in another secured environment (support network).
  • A car was purchased which will ensure transportation in cases of domestic violence and information, education, communication activities regarded to the prevention of domestic violence carried out at trade fairs in the rural areas, in crowded public spaces in Braila county and education units.


  • 2 street activities were carried out under the form of marches for the prevention of domestic violence, one in Braila in which 150 students from 5 education units have participated and one in the city of Ianca in which 50 students from one educational unit have participated. During these marches, students together with DGASPC Brăila specialists and policemen have discussed with the persons encountered about the importance of ensuring an environment favorable for the development of the child in the family. Informed citizens have received informational and preventive materials developed during project.
  • Informational activities were carried out with regard to the causes of domestic violence, forms of manifestation, effects, proactive behavior, institutions which may be notified, 239 primary and secondary school students from 3 educational facilities in Braila being the direct beneficiaries.
  • The training session of pupils, carried out in the first semester of the school year 2015-2016, was continued with activities regarding students and parents alike this time. Every children has described his “my family” drawing to their parent or read their poetry composed with the same title, 213 pupils and 166 parents from 3 educational facilities in Braila being the direct beneficiaries. For this effort, students have been awarded with promotional materials developed during the project and with prizes consisting in full-equiped pencil boxes.
  • Meetings were carried out with citizens from rural environment during the weekly trade fairs of 5 villages (Movila Miresii, Șutești, Jirlău, Viziru, Măxineni) from Braila county.
  • Presentation and information stands activities were conducted in the premises of Promenada Mall Brăila, for 6 weekends. During these activities preventive-informational materials have been distributed and were held talks for the prevention of further acts of domestic violence. Also, it was shared information about competent institutions and which services are provided.
  • Preventive-informative materials have been printed (800 leaflets, 300 brochures, 1000 flyers), and also advertising and informative materials of the project (200 posters, 1000 leaflets, 500 brochures). 2 workshops were held in order to pursue relevant social partners to carry out specific actions to prevent and control domestic violence.


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