Target Group

45 beneficiaries

The children and their families in the county of Brăila, for which there are recorded forms of domestic violence.Poza-1

Selecting the target group is as a result of the risk factors identified in Brăila county:

  • Children characteristics: conduct disorder, health status, disabilities.
  • Family/adult victim characteristics: Reduced educational level, alcoholism, health problems, mental disabilities or chronic diseases, family structure instability, the number of children in the families, single parenting, domestic violence, unrealistic expectations in respect of children, aggressive reaction to stress, traumatic experience in childhood;
  • Sociocultural characteristics: poverty, unemployment, cultural beliefs on the authority of men, increased tolerance towards domestic violence.

The identification of the risk factors and the needs of the target group has been carried out in the light of experience gained by DGASPC Braila during their 10 years of operation of a specialized child service intended for abused, neglected and exploited children.

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